Question 7 Evaluation


Audience Feedback

As well as the peer-assessment we did, I also asked members of my target audience what they thought of my film. For this, I sat them down and showed them my final edit and asked them to record their initial thoughts on a piece of paper. I deliberately did not ask any specific questions because I wanted it to be spontaneous: instant reactions.

I then grouped the responses under the following headings:

Audience Feedback

Enigma Codes

I also received several comments relating to enigma codes:

“What will happen to the child?”
“So does that mean the doll is really alive?”
“What will Dylan do next?”

The above comments signify that my audience watched my opening sequence actively and the range of enigma created suggests that my target audience would want to continue watching my film.

First Edit: Feedback

Today we peer-assessed each others work and I was very pleased to receive such positive comments. Everyone seemed to like the newspaper cuttings as well as the camera flashes and above all, it was ‘clearly an introduction to a horror opening’ which suggests that I have successfully conveyed conventions typically associated with the horror genre.

I have made several grids that collate all the feedback I received, each fitting under the heading of either: Titles, Cinematography, Introduction of… or Sound.

(Click to enlarge)

Intro of...




Although I didn’t receive any comments that demanded an alteration, having watched my sequence again, I spotted an editing error to do with a mask that hadn’t been fully stretched over the footage.

The ending shot:

(Look closely!)

Mask visible

Despite the fact no one picked up on this, I did, and whilst it is not that noticeable, it would forever irritate me if I didn’t change it. Taking a professional approach, I have adjusted this mask so it stretches across the entire frame:

Ending shot

It’s great to know that my peer assessors enjoyed the soundtrack and claimed that no adjustments are needed, meaning my final edit will be ready shortly.